Standards of Excellence

Eastern Iowa Sleep Center Standards of Excellence

The Eastern Iowa Sleep Center has developed five Standards of Excellence that help us achieve a culture of exceptional service - a culture where patients' needs are not only met, but exceeded.

To our patients, their families, and partners, we are committed to uphold the following values:

S - Service - unparalleled
L - Listening and creating individualized treatment
E - Excellence in quality, professional care
E - Efficient - welcoming, easy access
P - Patient-centered, innovative and compassionate care

Professional Attitude and Courtesy

At Eastern Iowa Sleep Center, we are here to serve our patients and our community. We are committed to providing excellent quality and professional care and unparalleled service for sleep-related disorders to each patient in a courteous and respectful manner. We are all responsible for displaying professionalism, courtesy and respect to our patient's physical and emotional well-being. We will hold each other accountable in a respectful manner for meeting this standard of behavior.

We will demonstrate our commitment to a professional attitude of courtesy by:

  • Choosing a sincerely good attitude by smiling, being friendly and courteous, and using good manners.
  • Greeting people with a smile and using their names if you know them. Avoid using terms of endearment (i.e. honey, sweetie, etc).
  • Giving full attention to patients, listening attentively, interacting at eye level, and using a pleasant voice when speaking.
  • Keeping noise level in and around patient rooms to a minimum.
  • Listening attentively to our patients concerns in ways that show you care. Use a complaint as an opportunity to improve.


Good communication is the foundation of a positive patient experience. At Eastern Iowa Sleep Center, we are committed to listening attentively to patients, their families and community, and delivering messages with consistency and clarity in a courteous manner.

We will demonstrate our commitment to effective communication by:

  • Introducing myself by name to patients, families, and visitors when we do not know each other well.
  • Immediately acknowledging every patient and confirming their presence by making eye contact and asking how you may help them or let them know when you will be with them.
  • Involving the patient by providing explanations in terms they can understand and encouraging them to express fears/concerns and ask questions.
  • Sharing information appropriately and using information received responsibly.

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Commitment to Teammates

Eastern Iowa Sleep Center employees are linked together by a common purpose, common mission, and common goals. We can produce better results than we would collectively produce as individuals. We are truly committed to excellence, so we must help each other be accountable to our mission and values.

We will demonstrate our commitment to teammates by:

  • Acknowledging each other with a smile (at a minimum) with each encounter.
  • Dealing with issues/concerns by going directly to the person or people involved privately, not chastising each other in front of other teammates, patients or visitors.
  • Being respectful to each other and understand that tension may exist in a busy environment.
  • Being open to change and be flexible.
  • Being honest in dealing with others and always keeping your word.
  • Not gossiping or talking negatively about others.
  • Being supportive of each other and realizing we all have personal shortcomings; exercising tolerance of one another and extending professional courtesy and respect at all times. Rudeness and vulgarity will not be tolerated.

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Sense of Ownership

We are responsible for our own attitudes and behaviors, and to take action when we see an opportunity and need, and to respectfully treat Eastern Iowa Sleep Center as our own. We take pride in what we do and recognize our work is a reflection of who we are as individuals and as owners in the health care profession.

We will demonstrate a sense of ownership by:

  • Accepting the responsibilities of our role in the organization. Showing willingness to look beyond our assigned tasks and help others without being asked.
  • Never saying "it's not my job." If you are unable to meet a request, do not know the answer to a problem or a question, find someone who can provide the answer and keep the patient updated on progress.
  • Creating a culture that helps people feel appreciated and valued by using a variety of praise and recognition methods. We should recognize that individual and team success is cause for celebration.
  • Reducing waste and keeping costs down by making efficient use of time and resources and taking steps to reduce overtime.
  • Returning shared supplies or equipment to proper area.
  • Holding each other accountable in a respectful manner for meeting our standards of behavior.

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Professional/Personal Development

We recognize that everything we do is a process that can be improved, standardized or eliminated through continuous improvement. We must continue to grow and learn in order to provide outcomes that meet or exceed our patient's expectations.

We will demonstrate our commitment to professional/personal development by:

  • Pursuing opportunities utilizing the tools to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • Actively support and foster a constructive learning environment.
  • Looking for additional patient-centered, innovative and compassionate care to better take care of our patients.

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