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June 2012 Issue

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The Provider’s Corner
Hot Topic: Home Sleep Test
What’s New: EISC in Anamosa
What’s Coming: EISC in Manchester
Access: EISC Information

EISC Core Values

To our patients, their families, and partners, we are committed to uphold the following values:

  • Service that is unparalleled
  • Listening and creating individualized treatment
  • Excellence in quality, professional care
  • Efficient and welcoming, with easy access
  • Patient-centered, innovative & compassionate care

June 2012 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1

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Welcome to Eastern Iowa Sleep Center’s SleepSmartz!

Waiting room

When you are here, you’re home.

The world of Sleep Medicine is getting complicated as is healthcare overall. SleepSmartz is your guide for learning about sleep related disorders, topics and issues that affect you and those you know.

At the Eastern Iowa Sleep Center (EISC), a partnership of St. Luke’s, Mercy Medical Center and Physician’s Clinic of Iowa, we look forward to serving you!

The Provider’s Corner

Eastern Iowa Sleep Center (EISC) is working to make it easier to refer your patients to us. First, we are looking to improve our Referral Form. Second, we are providing added access for your patients through Outreach at Jones Regional Medical Center in Anamosa. We have started providing sleep services for Sleep Disordered Breathing. The Outreach Referral form will soon be available on our website. Third, our new upcoming website will provide materials for your patients such as: EISC Patient Brochure, Patient Registration, and Sleep/Bed Partner Questionnaire. These items are normally mailed to your patient but can be provided by you and your staff to assist the patient in completing the sleep study. Fourth, starting July 2012, please welcome Dr. Wongba at Internist PC who will also be working with EISC. She is currently finishing her Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Bed in patient room

Any questions, please contact us.

Most patients are uncomfortable with going to an unknown place to sleep while being tested. Here at Eastern Iowa Sleep Center we are set up hotel style! Our patients often compliment us on the comfortable beds, nice atmosphere, kind staff and private spacious rooms with private bath.

Hot Topic: Home Sleep Test Vs. In-Lab PSG

home sleep test

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine which is recognized by Medicare and insurances such as U.H.C. River Valley and MedSolution for Aetna, recommend Home Sleep Test to be used for the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) only & should be performed in conjunction with a comprehensive sleep evaluation. If a Sleep Medicine consultation is necessary, please contact PCI Neurology at (319)398-1721 for scheduling.

Decision Making Grid

decision making grid
1. Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

Recommendations include, but are not limited to: symptoms of disruptive snoring, disturbed sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness evidenced by Epworth Sleepiness Scale, witnessed apnea events during sleep, and choking/gasping during sleep.

2. Terms

Home Sleep Test, Portable Monitoring, Limited Channel Testing, Out of Center Testing all mean the same thing.

3. Apnea

Term for suspension of external breathing.

4. Co-Morbid Medical Disorders

Recommendations include, but are not limited to: pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure(CHF), morbid obesity, neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s, stroke, epilepsy.

5. Co-Morbid Sleep Disorders

Recommendations include, but are not limited to: Narcolepsy, Parasomnias, Periodic limb movement Disorder (PLMD), Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), Circadian Rhythm Disorder, Central Sleep Apnea.

Access and EISC information:

Eastern Iowa Sleep Center recognizes the demand for Sleep Medicine for patient care. In response we are redesigning our website to create improved access and information. This includes and is not limited to: updated brochures, patient paperwork, updated referral forms and patient instructions. The SleepSmartz newsletter will be sent quarterly but a Special Edition will be sent prior to September 2012 regarding the new changes to help you and those you know. A new look is on the way!

What’s New: EISC in Anamosa

Eastern Iowa Sleep Center is proud to be working with Jones Regional Medical Center in Anamosa. Together we are bringing Sleep Medicine to their community. EISC provides sleep studies for Sleep Disordered Breathing such as: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), sleep disturbance, insomnia or hypersomnia with sleep apnea, hypoxemia, and sleep related hypoventilation/hypoxemia etc. More information will be available via soon.

What’s Coming: EISC in Manchester

On the horizon, Eastern Iowa Sleep Center is working with Regional Medical Center in Manchester to provide sleep services in their community as well. We are excited to be working with their proud team of professionals. EISC will provide sleep studies for Sleep Disordered Breathing. The go-live date is late May 2012 again more details will follow on